Azrael #26 : Angel At War : The Fall of Saint Dumas : part 3
Writer : Dennis O'Neil
Penciller : Barry Kitson
Inker : James Pascoe
Colourist : Demetrius Bassoukos
Seperations : Prismacolour
Letter : Ken Bruzenak
Assistant Editor : Chuck Kim
Editor : Archie Goodwin

Synopsis :

Azrael and Lilhy escape the universal solvent with Rollo. Some Acolytes turn up and slaughter all the Dwarflings except Nomoz, Azrael saves Nomoz but the Universal solvent has badly damaged the Ice Cathedral and it is collapsing around them. Azrael, Lilhy, Nomoz and Brian manage to escape.

Review :

The cover design for this trilogy is linked, the firey abstract cover to #24, the icy cover to #25 and the etherial cover to #26. Every Azrael cover has been a thing of beauty. Denny has proven his diverse talents as a writer time and time again his action scenes are short but still reveal reames of character in silence. in contrast to this he writes an ending that commands respect in it's intellegent commentary, and panel progression.

The Kitson/Pascoe/Bassoukos Team have possibly reached the pinnacle of perfection, the art on pages 11 and 12 was beautifully detailed, translucent tears and highlighting colour giving the impression of soft skin are two feats of the colouring that hasn't been improved on since, not even in "Top Seller" books like JLA : Year One (, which Barry draws).

Rant :

I'm no great fan of Marvel, having tried a couple of popular titles and laughed out loud at the childish level of writing when I could stand to finish the book. I doubt people could forget that at one point Marvel were sticking gimmick covers on every six issues of X-Men, DC don't do that, Azrael is a top 100 book but none of the major story lines have been hyped or gimmicked. Occaisionally an Azrael storyline will be slightly boring but not because of any lack of skill on Denny's part. The question is what Azrael's main focus will be without the Order.

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