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Azrael #5 : Fallen Angel:5 The Abduction
Writer : Dennis O'Neil
Penciller : Barry Kitson
Inker : James Pascoe
Colourist : Demetrius Bassoukos
Seperations : None
Letterer : Ken Bruzenak
Assistant Editor : Chuck Kim
Editor : Archie Goodwin

synopsis :

Azrael, Lilhy and Brian escape the ice cathedral and head for the middle east in an attempt to learn more about the creation of the Azraels. When they arrive Brian and Lilhy are abducted by Ra's Al Ghul and Azrael follows them to a compound in the desert.

Review :

Again we see Lilhy's disgust with Brian, in fact a lot of this issue deals with Lilhy and her reactions to the world. Her inability to fully comprehend the enormity of the world and her reaction to the swarms of people in it provide insight into her mindset.

O'neil has introduced an intriguing element to Azrael with the conflict between Ra's al Ghul and The Order of St. Dumas hopefully this will be expanded on as it can bring a great sense of being a single man amongst forces that shape the world.

Rant :

It was only a matter of time before Azrael met up with Ra's, Denny's pet villain. His skill as a writer makes it natural for these two to meet even though there was no connection between them until this issue. If there's anything a reader should know when reading a story Denny will include it in such a manner as to make it unobtrusive and still helpful to a new reader. Azrael may not be Denny's crowning glory, (he may never best his GL/GA run with Neal Adams,) but it's an inventive concept and has some great writing hopefully this is a series that will continue to be published.

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