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Az-Tracks : The Azrael Soundtrack

1.)All you need is love

2.)Know Your Enemy

3.)Kiss from a rose

4.)Brain Stew


6.)Smells Like Teen Spirit

7.)Welcome to the Jungle

8.)A Warm Place

9.)Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me

10.)Here comes the Rain again


12.)Untill it Sleeps

Past Az-Tracks, from the Comic.

Barry Kitson Used to award a peice of Original Art to whoever suggested the Az-Track of the months, I'm compiling a list of all music references in Azrael so this will have to wait till I've got them all.

Azrael #9: Barry started us off with "Azrael" by the Nice (possible typo?). it has since resurfaced as "Aziril" and is supposedly hard to find.

Azrael #10: "Alchemy" by Richard Lloyd was also suggested by Barry. Obviously referencing the order's manipulation and control of Alchemy.

Azrael #11: "Animal Zoo" By Spirit, for "The Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus". The title itself is a referance to Azrael's origin.

Azrael #13: "Wonderwall" by Oasis, just because Barry was listening to it while he pencilled #15.

Azrael #15: "Angel of death" by Parliment of Destructionwas Suggested by Leigh Penman won Az track of the month because it tells the story of a priest who murders aome devil worshippers and finds himself in conflict with Azrael.
Joe Kucharski III made a series of suggestions by Marrilion and Fish, "White Father" from "Misplaced Childhood", "Belle in the sea" from "Brave", "Freaks" from "B-Sides Themselves", "Assassing" from "Fugazi", "State of Mind" from "Vigil in a wilderness of mirrors".

Azrael #19: "Dazed and Confused" was suggested with referane to JP and Lilhy's relationship.

Azrael #24: "Good day" on Paul Westerberg's album Eventually. Suggested by Barry.

Azrael #28: "Lock and Key" by Rush was suggested by Kevin Laster because for the following reasons. These lyrics relate to Azrael in the following way

also there's the whole concept of killer instict.

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