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Bruce Wayne has healed his back with the help of Shondra Kinsolving, and returned to Gotham only to see what a mistake choosing Jean Paul Vally to be Batman was.

This story shows Bruce Wayne trying to regain his abilities. Even though he fully regained his physical prowess and strength he lost the ability to use force. Needing the help of Nightwing, Robin and Lady Shiva, an expert martial artest and a killer, (now known to be paper monkey), to reagin his physical memory Bruce was put to the test by Shiva. Shiva tested Wayne's abilities by sending many enemies against him. Shiva was only happy when Wayne killed someone, which he tricked her into believing.

Meanwhlie AzBats discovered something that made him believe his father's killer was still alive. AzBats made an asault on a building and killed, or severly injured anyone in his way. Catwoman, also making an assault on the building needed a peice of equipment to make sure a friend could walk again.

All three eventually met. AzBats now showing blue paint peeling from his costume reveiling the red under his costume, fought Bruce Wayne in a Batman costume. Azbats eventually defeated Bruce Wayne, in a red costume. Thinking Bruce dead, Nightwing attacked AzBats, and was nearly killed in the proccess.

The final fight was in the Batcave, Bruce Wayne regained the mantle but neither was really Batman. the books that make up knighsend are listed below.
1)Batman 509
2)Batman: Shadow of the Bat 29
3)Detective Comics 676
4)Legends of the Dark Knight 62
5)Robin 8
6)Catwoman 12
7)Batman 510
8)Batman: Shadow of the Bat 30
9)Detective Comics 677
10)Legends of the Dark Knight 63
11)Aftermath: Robin 9
12)Aftermath: Catwoman 10
13)Aftermath: Showcase'94 10

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