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Aspects of Azrael in Hypertime

Hypertimelines Kingdom Come Tangent Amalgam

Kingdom Come / The Kingdom : Pheobus

(please note that the kingdom come universe and the universe shown in Kingdom #1 are seperate, check out the graveyard scene for proof.)

Azrael disappeared shortly after falling out with Batman. As Batman's inclination towards less obvious heroism and the maintainance of order in Gotham became more pronounced, Azrael decided that overt displays of heroism were needed in the increasingly dark days during which the public became enamored with the reckless behavior exhibited by the new Meta-Humans. Matters were complicated by Azrael's acquisition of Meta-Human powers, first as an earth born angel of light, and later, after renouncing angelhood, as Earth's Champion Fire elemental, although he would not become such until after his disappearance.

After Superman's dissapearance, Azrael, now a fire elemental assumed the name Phoebus and looking to do something to light the darkness that followed, sought to join Starman, who in a world without Superman was seen as a beacon of light and embodied the heroism that Superman had once stood for.

Phoebus, while caught in the Blast of the nuclear device detonated over Superman's Gulag, was unlikely to have perished in the blast. Afterall, how does a fire elemental die in a fireball?

It was an interesting irony that Phoebus gravitated towards the kind of heroism displayed by Superman and along with Starman fought for Truth Justice and the American way in an age where the public were increasingly disinterested in truth and justice while the American way was exemplified by killers. After all he had originally been an example of the kind of morals possessed by the new breed of heros, before setting out to reclaim his humanity after Knightfall.

Tangent : Order of St.Dumas

Founders of Nightwing, their roots go back to the early 1400's, to le comte Vandal Sauvage, of the French court. He was a Magick user his own self and knew all to well the dangers to him and others like him.

So Sauvage founded the Order of St.Dumas as a place for Magic users and wielders to hide and find sanctuary. The group split around about the time of the American Revolution.

The American branch grew into Nightwing, while the european branch became their deadly enemy, Meridian. Nightwing fell under the influence of the Dark circle, Necromancers, worshipers of the dead and practicers of black magic who derive their powers from the souls they inhale from soul jars they use to steal the souls of the dying.

Tangent : Azrael

While the Atom was the first Superhuman in history and true supervillains did not appear till later, some villains did achieve a degree of notoriety in the decade before the Cuban missile crisis, such as the cat burglar dubbed "Cat-man" by the newspapers. While pulling off daring and occaisionally profitable heists, Catman descended into obscurity within a couple of years. By the sixties Catman, AKA Roy Harper, had retired and begun raising a son.

Naming his son after him may or may not have been a contributing factor as to what came later, but his mediocrity and general lack of success at providing for his family did foster a resentment on the part of his son, a singular genius who chastised his father for not being intellegent enough to cash in on his reputation as the Atom had done.

Roy Harper II distanced himself from his father, adopting the appelation of his name Ray Palmer legally. Determined to acheive the Atom's success and eclipse the father he dispised, he took a hundred dollars and created a financial empire while he trained himself physically and designed a cat-like costume augumented with technology he developed eventually becoming a hero named Azrael.

The choice to be a hero was a mildly interesting one since given his outlook, he could have chosen either a criminal or heroic career, but his heroism is not the purest and many have questioned both his motives and methods, while a number of people have gone on record as not trusting him.

Eventually tireing of life in the United states and becoming more egocentric, Azrael moved his base of operations to Egypt, where the cat had been revered and deified. Eventually Ray Palmer became the monarch of Egypt simply by virtue of the vast influence he wielded there as his vast financial empire concentrated on the banks of the Nile. Ironically he became a symbol of heroism as a result of the Ultra Humanites domination of the globe, because he declared, and kept, Egypt free of The Ultra Humanite's influence super humans the world over flocked there to form a united resistance front.

Amalgam : Azrael : Archangel of Death

One of Ra's-A-pocalypse's Four horsemen, Azrael Struck out on his own following the death of Ra's, becoming a living embodiment of death on Earth. It is unknown what caused this manifestation, but a power from the regions beyond the universe can hardly be considered a good thing to be walking around. His mere presence fractured reality and his increadible death toll on the heros of the Amalgam universe during the "Legacy : After the age of Ra's-A-pocalypse" storyline brought him to the attention of the Judgement League Avengers for whom he was a constant thorn in the side, untill the JLA enfranchised the aid of Doctor Strangefate to trap him in limbo.

Such Measures could only delay Azrael's rearrival on earth as he escaped limbo by moving between the shattered realities he created around him. However a delay was all that was needed as The JLA prepared for his arrival and the excorcism that would split Death's manifestation from the Body and return it where it came from.

While no longer death itself, this has not kept him from attempting to regain his former glory. Still retaining almost cosmic level powers and bent on creating pain and misery Azrael is a dangerous foe, and is spectulated to be the mysterious tyrant who was seen to have subjucated the world in the time travel epic "The Rock of Ages Past".

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