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Knightfall is the story of Batman's breaking, the rise of a new Batman, the perseverance of a man, and the rebirth of the Batman.

Batman has faced many opponents in his career: Joker, Scarcrow, Mad Hatter, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, just to name a few. Batman has felt that his greatest foes were either the Joker, or Ra's al Ghul, but his ultimate defeat was at the hands of Bane.

Knightfall starts when Bane releases the inmates of Arkham Asylam, the home of the criminally insane. Bane observed the Batman through the time that followed watching him wear himself out physically, and mentally. Bane tried to learn as much as he could about the Batman during this time, even at one point seeing Bruce Wayne and recognizing him as the Batman.

When Bruce Wayne was at his weakest, Bane arrived at Wayne manor and fought Batman, and eventually without much of a fight he broke Batman's back over his knee, crippling him. After Bane threw Batman from a building and declared that Gotham was now his city. Batman was rescued by Alfred, Tim, and Jean-Paul.

Once recovered, Bruce Wayne felt the bat had to exist. Deciding Dick Grayson wasn't as driven as Jean Paul Vally, a young man in the employ of Wayne enterprises, and formaly known as Azreal he chose Valley to be Batman. Jean Paul became the new Batman, even making a new Batman costume to fit his new image.

Jean Paul as Batman's first job, was to defeat the criminal known as Bane, he succeeded and came very close to nearly killing Bane.

The following are the Books that make up Knightfall.
1)Batman 492
2)Detective Comics 659
3)Batman 493
4)Detective Comics 660
5)Batman 494
6)Detective Comics 661
7)Batman 495
8)Detective Comics 662
9)Batman 496
10)Detective Comics 663
11)Batman 497
12)Detective Comics 664
13)Showcase 93 7
14)Showcase 93 8
15)Batman 498
16)Detecive Comics 665
17)Batman 499
18)Detecive Comics 666
19)Batman 500

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