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Knightquest : The Crusade

AzBats (Jean Paul Valley as Batman) is the focus of Knightquest : The Crusade. The crossover showed AzBats' breakdown of mental stability, falling into eventual madness.

AzBats was a much more violent Batman then Bruce Wayne, he fired Robin and nearly strangled him to death when he got in the way. AzBats violence became more and more apparent as he changed costumes, adding more wepons and more ammo. He went through three costumes, the third not only had his trademark shurikens but also a flame thrower. His mind was breaking down as "The System" tried to make sense of his role as Batman and his previous role as Azrael.

As AzBats he went up against many oponents, Catwoman, Joker and Gunhawk, wounding most and nearly killed many of them. When AzBats found Mr. Freeze deranged and ready to kill Montoya, he would have killed him had Montoya not put a gun to his head, and told him that if he had knocked Freeze out there was no need to kill him. Earlier in the crusade AzBats fought a mercenery called Mekros not thinking twice he ducked so that the mercenary would shoot, and kill a man standing in front of him. At the end of the crossover AzBats let the serial killer Abbatoir die, this resulted in another man's death, Graham Etchison, finally sending AzBats over the edge.

During this time AzBats and Jim Gordon drifted further and further apart, Jim not liking the new "look" and destroying the Batsignal on the police station roof. Harvey Bullock however, liking the change and aided AzBats.

The following are the books that make up Knightquest: the Crusade, they are not necessarily in the right order, but we think they are about right.
1)Detective Comics 667
2)Detective Comics 668
3)Detective Comics 669
4)Batman 501
5)Batman 502
6)Batman: Shadow of the Bat 19
7)Batman: Shadow of the Bat 20
8)Detective Comics 670
9)Catwoman 6 the cover "search" is incorrect
10)Batman 503
11)Batman 504
12)Catwoman 7
13)Batman: Shadow of the Bat 24
14)Detective Comics 671
15)Detective Comics 672
16)Detective Comics 673
17)Batman 505
18)Batman: Shadow of the Bat 25
19)Batman 506
20)Batman: Shadow of the Bat 26
21)Batman 507
22)Detective Comics 674
23)Batman: Shadow of the Bat 27
24)Batman 508
25)Batman: Shadow of the Bat 28
26)Detective Comics 675
27)Robin 7

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