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Knightquest : The Search

This is the second half of the Knightquest storyline, following Bruce Wayne as he tries to recuperate from the broken back, and defeat by the hands of Bane.

During Knightfall Bruce was unable to save Tim Drake's father, Jack Drake, from being kidnapped at his home along with his, and Bruce Waynes physical therapist Shondra Kinsolving. During Knightquest : The Search Bruce Wayne and Alfred, decide to find Jack and the Doctor.

Bruce and Alfred follow them to England where they eventually recover Jack Drake. Determined to find Shondra, Bruce brings himself close to complete destruction, this prompts Alfred to resign as Bruce's butler. Despite the loss Bruce contiues on his campaign, and eventually rescues Shondra, after her psychic powers killed an English village and healed Bruce's back, and her guilt caused a mental regression to childhood.

Knightquest the search contiue in the following books.

1)Justice League Task Force 5
2)Justice League Task Force 6
3)Batman: Shadow of the Bat 21
4)Batman: Shadow of the Bat 22
5)Batman: Shadow of the Bat 23
6)Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight 59
7)Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight 60
8)Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight 61

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