Showcase'94 #10 : Aftermath, The Tempting Part 1 : The Beating of Wings, Deja Views
Writer : Alan Grant, Brian Augustyn, Mike McAvennie
Penciller : Mike Vosburg, Anthony Chun, Jason Armstrong
Inker : Ron McCain, Matt Banning, Stan Woch
Colourist : Dave Hornung, Lee Loughridge, Stuart Chaifetz
Seperations : None
Letterer : Ken Bruzenak, Steve Haynie, Willie Schubert
Consulting Editor : Dennis O'Neil, None, KC Carlson
Editor : Neal Pozner

Synopsis :

In Aftermath Jean-Paul Valley realises that he's a person like everyone else in the end. In The Tempting Black Condor must choose whether he wants to be a hero and in Deja Veiws Zero hour makes it's presence felt on four time related villains.

Review :

Alan Grant is a very skilled writer, having crafted Rosemary's Baby the most sympathetic Azrael-Batman story, and here he succeeds in creating sympathy for a character who is more hated by Bat-fans than Joel Schumacher. Grant pulls no punches and doesn't conveniently forget anything, he uses the homeless people around Jean-Paul and their stories to show that he isn't all that differant from them.

The Black Condor story was uninteresting seeming to be just a late manifestation of the "Dark Hero" fad, Deja Views however showed promise. Taking the reaction of four time based villains to Zero Hour was very interesting, especially because they were such lame villains it also gave us the perspective of some one who was experiancing the Zero Hour event first hand and the use of the fading and blank pages emphasise that the universe really is being erased.

Rant :

There was only one reason I bought this book, in fact I bought it before I knew there was an ongoing (there's a complicated story behind this but you don't need to know it). I was just begining to collect comics seriously after reading Batman and Superman reprints in my earliest years and reading sporadic parts of the Knights Trilogy. I found that I really was interested in Azrael waiting for an ongoing I equaly like Bruce and Jean-Paul as Batman for differant reasons but I knew that untill Bruce gets too old to throw a Batarang he'll remain Batman.

This issue is and always will be one of the best Azrael stories published it nicely fills the gap between Knightsend and Prodigal you need this issue to be a true Azrael fan.

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