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Okay I've bought Azrael #'s 61 and 62, so I've reviewed them plus that elusive Annual #1 which has been purchased and reviewed. there are some bits of news that due to being two or three weeks old aren't big news. I have previews of Gotham Knight 5 and Azrael #66, on the new page

Welcome, this Azrael site began life last year ( 22nd april 1998 ) as a few pages promising the most in depth Azrael info on the net and has grown exponentially.

I hope to make this the most in depth Azrael Site so there are now twenty sections, and more will be on the way. There are over 250 web pages on this site reviewing and ranting on the comics, profiling the characters, introducing the story and listing creators, there's too much to talk about so just explore this site and have fun there are a few goodies to look through.

A lot has happened in this sites short history, I have put up reviews on all Azrael comics and lots of profiles along with all the other stuff like indexes and links. I want this to be one of the premier Azrael sites on the web, (I reckon I'm close to reaching that goal) and so I'm including as much in depth info on the Azrael comics, characters and creators as possible. You can look for which stories I think are the best ones, what may happen in the future for Azrael and find out how I feel about Azrael. Images are coming to these pages but I'm trying to find the right images and it's a slow process. Other than that enjoy and please mail me.

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Rants, profiles, links updated

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What you can expect to find on this site is an introduction to Azrael for new and old readers alike that covers the themes and issues that make Azrael what it is, related to that is Azrael's Story So Far which acts as a synopsis of Azrael's story up to this point. The Profile Index provides an introduction to the characters in the book and the Azrael Rants provide my perspective on the series, looking at each issue in detail. My reviews from that section form the basis for the Best of Azrael section, where I seperate he wheat from the chaff. The Azrael Gallery is designed to showcase some unique images featuring Azrael while The Azrael creators should eventually contain the majority of the creators who influenced Azrael. Coming Soon provides a look at what's in store for Azrael, with some speculation and rumour. You can get in touch with other Azrael fans via the Azrael Message board where you can read and post messages on a variety of topics, you can also do this via the Azrael Mailing List which also serves as an update notification service. The Azrael Casting Call takes a look at the casting choices for an Azrael movie. The Azrael Editorial Takes a look at my relationship with this site and thoughts on Azrael, while Site History tracks all the changes I've made this site and theAwards section tracks the awards Azrael : Agent of the Bat has won. I profile myself in Gordon's Profile Page while Azrael Links and Webrings provide external links

Characters depicted here are copyright DC Comics. Azrael was created by Dennis O'Neil and Joe Quesada. Batman was created by Bob Kane. Azrael is DC Comics, and is used without Criminal intent or comercial interest.