Azrael Casting Call

Yeah, comic movies invariably suck but you can still fantasise about casting an Azrael movie.

Azrael : James Spader
James Spader stargate; sex, lies videotape
To me this is a No-Brainer call, James Spader has the look of Jean-Paul Valley as well as the heavyweight acting skills neccessary to pull off this demanding role. He has that young blond geek look plus he can act and if he bothers to body build so he can have the physique as well he would be perfectly suited to this part. Jacque de Molay agees saying "excellant choice..has geek look down and this guy can act.."

Azrael : Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt Seven, Twelve Monkeys.
I'm not sure he'd look right he's too much of a "Hollywood style" stud, there's not enough of Jean Paul's youth and innocence in his face. That said Twelve Monkeys showed how far he could get into a role and he looked a bit more Like JP in Seven Years in Tibet.

Azrael : Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves Speed, Chain Reaction
Okay he's a loser, but then this suggestion by james was an insult based on his mantra of bad actors for bad films.

James Spader Brad Pitt Keanu Reeves
Gordon Hope-Murray James

Batman : Michael Keaton
Michael Keaton Batman, Multiplicity, Gung Ho
Can any actor get Batman? Keaton seemed to get Waynes affability down but did he get Batman right? Jacque de Molay says"he was the best..but he's a bit long in the tooth"

Batman : George Clooney
George Clooney Batman and Robin, Peacemaker ER
No offense people but this guy is a JOKE! He only ever plays one character, George Clooney, hell Adam West caught more of Batmans true self than this bumbling cretin, what's with all that stupid smirking and head shaking?

Batman : Adam West
Adam West Batman tv series
This was meant as an insult. James, who suggested him, felt that you need bad actors to play bad characters.

Batman : Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin The Shadow
Wizard may have hit something here their normally moronic fanboyishness has unearthed someone who can play the playboy and the driven vengance seeking hero.

Batman : Nicholas Cage
Nicholas Cage The Rock, Leaving Las Vegas, Con Air
Cage is a good actor , but his hair is thinning and he refuses to wear a hair piece, plus he was instrumental in Superman Lives' Implosion. Jacque de Molay sauggested him because he felt that if he was good enough for superman he was good enough for the Bat.

Michael Keaton George Clooney Alec Baldwin Adam West Nicholas Cage
Bill82812 Bill82812 Gordon Hope-Murray James Jacque de Molay
Robert Hope-Murray

Oracle : Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock Speed, Speed 2, Demolition man.
Once again, no offence but this woman is a one hit wonder with no talent. Speed 2 was dreadful, no doubt also at fault was Jan de bont who in the space of two years produced two unmitigated disaters Twister (ugh) and speed 2 (double ugh) but miss bollocks seems so incapable of putting out a watchable performance that it would be sacrilage to give her this wonderful role when she would no doubt screw it up utterly (shades of George Clooney here).

Oracle : Mira Sorvino
Mira Sorvino Mighty Aphrodite, the Replacement Killers
Okay she's got the skill and the looks all she needs is a wig or her hair dyed she's maybe a little young for the role but it's easier to make someone look older than younger.

Oracle : Nicole Kidman
Mira Sorvino Batman Forever
Jacque de Molay suggested Nicole because she's "Got Red hair...and has the acting range needed for the role". I'd be a little apprehensive, she has the dis-honour of starring in a schumaker film.

Sandra Bullock Mira Sorvino Nicole Kidman
Bill82812 Gordon Hope-Murray Jacque de Molay

Robin : Kyle Gibson
Kyle Gibson ?
I'm not in a position to judge this one.

Robin : Rider Strong
Rider Strong ?
Mike Rehor says "I can honestly see this star of "Boy Meets World" as the Boy Wonder in that he has that toughness about him and I can see him with all the problems Robin has in the comics not to mention looks kinda like him." 

Kyle Gibson

Nightwing : Chris O'Donnell
Chris O'Donnell Scent of a woman, Batman and Robin
To work alongside Al Pachino and not look like a complete fool means you must have some skill but I haven't seen any of it in his Batman films, he obviously doesn't understand the characters so he should just stay away.

Nightwing : Vince Vaughn
Vince Vaughn Swingers
Mike Rehor states that he "Has shown to have that cockiness about him yet the ability to be serious as shown in "Swingers" and I honestly think that he could handle the role of the former Robin turned defender of Bludhaven." I can respect that but I never saw Swingers, oh well back to the video library.

Nightwing : Burt Ward
Burt Ward Batman tv show
Another suggestion by James, he may or may not have been influenced by my bat cast from hell.

Chris O'Donnell Vince Vaughn Burt Ward
Bill82812 Mike Rehor James

Alfred : Robert Picardo
Robert Picardo Startrek Voyager, Small Soldiers, Wagons East
All he needs to play this role is an English accent and then we have our Alfred. Picardo can bring out the more willful aspect of Alfreds personality, having played healer to other forceful personalities.

Alfred : Anthony Hopkins
Robert Picardo Silence of the lambs, Legends of the Fall, stuff like that
English accent + butler experiance, he may even be able to get down alfreds brand of humour

Robert Picardo
Gordon Hope-Murray

Brian Bryan : Lane Davies
Lane Davies Santa Barbra, The Crew, Superman.
Okay so all his work has been pretty cheesy TV, but he's a pretty good actor and more than capable of playing our ex-alcoholic with a caustic wit.

Brian Bryan : Hank Azraia
Hank Azraia The Simpsons, Godzilla
He can pull off the dishevelled look and knows the humour side , hell he could probably pull off the alcoholism, but he doesn't look right in the role.

Brian Bryan : Robert Picardo
Robert Picardo Startrek Voyager, Small Soldiers
I'm wodering whether Picardo can play up Brian's self destructive side, he can certainly manage a withering wit but if can do an english accent he might be better off as Alfred

Brian Bryan : Dustin Hoffman
Dustin Hoffman Tootsie, Kramer vs. Kramer, sphere, Outbreak
There's no doubt in my mind he wouldn't dedicate himself to knowing bryan inside and out, but Mike Rehor of JLA Headquarters suggesed him because he "Played a similar role in the movie "Sleepers" in which he played an alcoholic and I think he could handle this role very well in that he has in fact the humorous side about him yet can be serious as well".

Lane Davies Hank Azraria Robert Picardo Dustin Hoffman
Gordon Hope-Murray Mike Rehor

Nomoz : Danny Devito
Danny Devito Batman Returns, twins, taxi, renaissance man
Okay it's hard to find really short guys in hollywood not counting Tom Cruise, Danny is much smaller in stature than most people in hollywood so that helps, he's already got the thorny attitude, he just needs the make up and the three fingered hands and he'd be perfect, no need to turn him into some bloated thing, like the penguin. Jacque de Molay felt I had to be kidding and suggested Martin Short

Nomoz : Martin Short
Martin Short Father of the Bride
Jacque de Molay felt I had to be kidding when I suggested Danny Devito and suggested Martin Short. "he did the gnome in the TV Movie Merlin.. He has the personality of a dwarf down cold." I dunno, martin short takes on more humourus roles. Nomoz is humourless.

Danny Di Vito
Gordon Hope-Murray

Lilhy :

? This one's a problem. We need some one young, sexy, capable of portraying ruthlessness and awed innocence, very tough role, the actress must be skilled enough to be able to cover all the bases and pull off the performance of a lifetime.

Lilhy : Mira Sorvino
Mira Sorvino Mighty Aphrodite, the Replacement Killers
So sue me Mira Sorvino is talented enough to play either role, again she'd either have to dye her hair or wear a wig.

Lilhy : Demi Moore
Demi Moore Ghost, Striptease, G.I.Jane.
Jacque de Molay suggested her because she had "got the looks and has been dying to play a badgirl..all her life.." But I have to strenuously disagree, this is a dream cast but most definately not a nightmare cast. Demi has a habit of producing real stinkers, Striptease and G.I.Jane are abominations that should forever be erased from celluloid.

Lilhy : Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek Desperado, From Dusk till Dawn
Mike Rehor suggested her because "I think that she looks alot like Lilhy from the comics and she could handle the flirtacious nature of this character as seen in "Desperado" and not to mention she has shown that she can be tough like in "From Dusk Til' Dawn". I'm in no real position to judge this as although I've seen the films, I've forgotten the performance.

Mira Sorvino Demi Moore Salma Hayek
Gordon Hope-Murray Jacque de Molay Mike Rehor

Biis/Lehah : Sam Neil
Sam Neil In the Mouth of Madness, Jurassic Park, Event Horizon
Sam Neil is damn good he can really get his teeth into the more psychological aspects of these characters and he is a wonder to behold as a villain. Lehah is one of the most wonderfully disturbing and wonderfully portrayed characters in the original series and deserves to be portrayed by top notch talent. To fit Lehah's physical description all he needs is dyed white hair, a buzz cut, make up to simulate a lost eye and one green contact lens.

Biis/Lehah : Sting
Sam Neil Dune
Jacque de Molay suggested Sting because he did a good job in Dune, and while I haven't been able to see dune yet (after three years on my must see list) I can say that at least we'd wind up with a better soundtrack than Batman and Robin.

Sam Neil Sting
Gordon Hope-Murray Jacque de Molay

The Joker : Woody Harrelson
Woody Harrelson Natural born Killers, The people verses Harry Flint, Chhers
Woody's progression into more dramatic fims has won him respect as an actor, maybe that alone is enough to secure thias role but Jacque de Molay suggested him because he felt he was "born for the role...nasty & nutty.."

Bane : Antonio Bandaras
Antonio Bandaras Four rooms, Desperado, Mask of Zorro.
Okay, we've seen Antonio Bandaras act, the question is can he play Bane? Actors either have talent (Dustin Hoffman) or bodies that are suitable for these types of films, so far neither kind has been in a bat film. Except Jack Nicholson, he had the perfect blend of homicidal tendancies and exhibitionism. Bane has evil intellegence but he also has three hundred pounds of muscle on him, Jacque de Molay Suggestd Antonio Bandaras because he "..has that Santa Prisca Latin charm.." but he could work were he to seriously bulk up.

Bane : Goldberg
Goldberg no films, he just wrestles, and that's all about faking it.

in bannerman's opinion if you're going to have Bane, he MUST be played by none other than the wrestler Goldberg. He's got the build, and the attitude and he is intimidating enough to personally put the fear of God into an atheist.

Have you seen this guy fight?

I've heard he's really good natured outside the ring but he's a monster during a match!

All he needs are some serious acting classes to play forth that monster intellect of Bane's, but other than that, Goldberg is BANE!

Rollo : Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart Robin Hood : Men in Tights, Startrek the Next Generation
Okay, Patrick Stewart could definately play this senile and dangerous religious fanatic.

Rollo : Sean Connery
Sean Connery Dr. No, From Russia with love, The Rock.
Sean Connery is a little too healthy to play Rollo, he could probably pull it off though.

Rollo : Ian Holm
Ian Holm Alien, Fifth Element
Jacque de Molay suggested him because he was "..very priest like..nice job in Alien and The 5th Element.." I can't argue with that.

Patrick Stewart Sean Connery
Gordon Hope-Murray
Robert Hope-Murray

Bat Cast From Hell

Adam west as Batman, hey none of the new guys have been this good.

Burt Ward as Nightwing, given that all the action in the bat films has the actors standing stock still it doesn't matter that nightwing is arthritic.

Ertha Kitt as Catwoman, Meow. Nuff said.

Shondra could be played by Michael Jackson, I don't think any of the good black actresses would touch this film with a ten foot pole.

Oracle could be played by Yvonne Craig, she probably uses a wheel chair by now anyway.

Lilly could be played by Terry Hatcher, pure evil to play pure evil.

Lady Shiva could be played by Sandra Bullock hopefully this flim will sink her carreer for good.

Robin Tom Cruise, no problem he's short enough.

Alfred could be played by The guy that played Doctor Smith in lost in space (the original series).

Brian could be played by Arnold Schwatzenegger, Can't you see him in that role he's perfect

Azreal could easilly be played by Kevin Costner, guaraunteeing an overly long film with budget overruns and a luke warm critical reception.

Deathstroke could be played Hans Moleman (of Simpsons fame)

Lehah could be played by Jim Carrey, so he can massacre this multifaceted character too.

Rollo, as we have to have a heart throb in the cast Leonardo di Caprio could play this role. Hey for the first time in his career he will be forced to act as something other than some angst ridden post adolescent.

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