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There is an Azrael action figure. It is the in the second wave of figures in a new line called Knight Force Ninjas and was released early in '99. This new line of figures will play up the martial arts aspect of Batman and his supporting players and villains. This line will be slightly larger than the animated series of figures. It will include Street Warrior Batman, Knight Warrior Batman, Battle Knight Batman, Mortal Combat Robin, Killer Croc, and the first Azrael figure ever. The sculpting is less detailed than on the Legends of the Dark knight line but the figures have more points of articulation and spring loaded action features. Click to see the figure. Steve Caldwell of The Darker Side first brought news of an Azrael action figure but we believe that this site has the most info on it..

The following is a review of it

"The Azrael toy is out now, and it could be better. The cloak is all red (instead of a much more aesthetically pleasing and menacing black, while his "swords" do not retract. The glow-in-the-dark snap-on weapons suck ass, too."
Richard Gambill

Coming soon:


(W) Dennis O'Neil
(A) Roger Robinson and James Pascoe
(Cover) Roger Robinson and James Pascoe
The Day of Judgment strikes "No Man's Land". As the demons of hell have been pushed up from below to the surface, Azrael comes face to face with his most feared demon -- St. Dumas. The founder of the Order of St. Dumas -- the being most directly responsible for Azrael's strengths and weaknesses -- tempts the Angel of Vengeance during one of Gotham's darkest days.

32 pages, $2.25, ships on Sept. 8.

Batman & Superman: World's Finest #9
(W) Karl Kesel
(A) Graham Nolan, Jackson Guice and Robert Campanella
(Cover) Dave Taylor and Campanella
As the 10-issue maxiseries tracing the history of Batman and Superman's relationship nears its conclusion, a split issue looks at two pivotal events in the lives of the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. First, Superman checks up on Gotham during the events of "KnightQuest," -- illustrated by "KnightQuest" contributor Graham Nolan -- and meets the "replacement" Batman, Jean Paul Valley (Azrael); then Batman visits Metropolis after Superman's death, making sure that the so-called "Reign of the Supermen" -- illustrated by "Reign" contributor Jackson Guice -- is a fitting follow-up to his fallen friend's career.

(W) Dennis O'Neil
(A) Roger Robinson and James Pascoe
(Cover) Roger Robinson and James Pascoe
The Huntress guest-stars in the midst of Gotham City's rebirth. A cold and heartless cult called the Quakists has sprung up in the former No Man's Land, and Azrael and the Huntress come fist-to-face with the practitioners of some of the group's more radical ideas. Plus, Nicholas Scratch turns up to give Azrael just what he thinks he deserves: an apology?


Written by Scott Peterson and various, art by Scott McDaniel, Dale Eaglesham, Dave Johnson, Shawn Martinbrough and various, painted by cover John Van Fleet.

A special exploring the reborn Gotham City in the aftermath of "No Man's Land." In the lead story, the new Batgirl chases her prey through Gotham's reborn streets, with guest appearances by Batman, Azrael, Catwoman and the silent Batgirl's predecessor in the costume: the Huntress. Plus: design sketches of the city and people of Batman's home city, pin-ups and more.

64 pages, $4.95, ships on Feb. 2.

(W) Dennis O'Neil
(A) Roger Robinson and James Pascoe
(Cover) Roger Robinson and James Pascoe
The Huntress guest-stars. Trapped in his old costume and framed for a murder he might or might not have committed, Azrael finds himself alone against Gotham's fiercest protectors most notably, the Huntress.

32 pages, $2.25, ships on March 8.

(W) Dennis O'Neil
(A) Roger Robinson and James Pascoe
(Cover) Roger Robinson and James Pascoe

Rage consumes Azrael as he struggles to clear his name in association with a brutal murder. But he only incriminates himself further. And apparently only Nicholas Scratch holds the key to Azrael's salvation -- and sanity -- as the sole so-called "witness" to the crime.

32 pages, $2.25, ships on April 12.

(W) Dennis O'Neil
(A) Roger Robinson and James Pascoe
(Cover) Roger Robinson and James Pascoe
Lilhi's back! And she's tearing up Gotham with Azrael by her side! In light of his recent problems as a murder suspect John-Paul does not need this now. But there's even more tumult in store as Azrael finds out that his mother -- long believed to be deceased -- may still be alive! Look for Azrael in BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #5.

FC, 32 pg.

(W) Dennis O'Neil
(A) Roger Robinson and James Pascoe
(Cover) Roger Robinson and James Pascoe
Jean Paul's search for his mother takes him to Africa in his first mission without Batman's instruction in more than a year. But Lilhi has her own plans for Jean Paul and sends her Azrael to stop him.

32 pages, $2.50, ships on June 14. AZRAEL: AGENT OF THE BAT #68
(W) Dennis O'Neil
(A) Roger Robinson and James Pascoe
(Cover) Roger Robinson and James Pascoe
Stranded in the desert with his malevolent and blood-thirsty counterpart, Azrael fights to save the life of the mother he never knew.

32 pages, $2.50, ships on July 12. AZRAEL: AGENT OF THE BAT #69
(W) Dennis O'Neil
(A) Roger Robinson and James Pascoe
(Cover) Roger Robinson and James Pascoe
New penciller Sergio Cariello makes his debut as Azrael finds himself stranded in the desert. Lost in despair, Jean Paul struggles to deal with the tragedy he has just endured without turning to violence. But that may prove difficult as he is forced to choose between joining forces with two ruthless adversaries or facing a hostile army alone.

32 pages, $2.50, ships on Aug. 9.

note: these solicitations are from Mania.


Preview: Gotham Knights #5

This book is cheesy as hell. The narrator's lines read like they're by a professor at a bad B-movie voice over college. For some reason you can't feature Azrael without Batgirl turning up, and Batman is apparently stronger than Azrael. When the issue comes out can someone tell me what that conversaion at the end means. The Use of the key in this issue was really weak and the plot echoed the worst elements of the silver age.

The plot concerns Batman being subjected to a drug that removes his inhibitions and so it falls to Azrael and batgirl to restrain him from killing the key. Robin gets called in to watch the captured key and Batman tries to attack him. The plot is really confused and it's difficult to see what it's trying to do besides serve the required moral of the story ending.

Preview: Azrael #66

The accursed Batgirl appears again. Jean-Paul celebates his birthday as the month after he rid himself of Azrael. Mean while Brian Reveals that Lilhy has learned of a Tibetan branch of the Order as she uses her Azrael to Add to the wealth of the order at the detriment of those who have what she wants. Batman reveals to Jean-Paul a journal which indicates his moher is alive. That journal seemed to come from nowhere I hope it's a red herring.

Future Plans

Creator News

Well publicised is Roger Robinson's departure from the title for gotham knights and his replacement by Sergio Cariello who teamed with Dennyy for the LOTDK green arrow story. Less well publicised is that there's also a replacement cover artist. In the form of Tony Harris. This is a boon to a book that has been cursed with the to people slugging it out syndrome.

Look for Azrael to appear in Nightwing sometime during the next year

NEW NEWS.Post NML Azrael will be globe trotting as Batman's Emmisary and Proxy.

Azrael is slated to appear with Mr.Freeze in a Tec. story after the Brotherhood of the Fist crossover. I get the feeling this isn't happening -->

Azrael may meet the Phantom Stranger.

Lehah and Biis will return.

Azrael will take a bit of a new direction after this new Luc arc and the new direction bad news for Lilhy. See NML news

There may be a reconciliation of sorts between Batman and Azrael. See NML news.

No Man's Land News!.

NML for September


Written by Steven Barnes; art by Paul Ryan and Andy Lanning; painted cover by Bill Sienkiewicz.

Bock returns to his old neighborhood in "No Man's Land" in part one of the two-part "Underground Railroad," written by novelist Steven Barnes. Bock has returned to his old stomping grounds and plans to protect it from the NML territory wars, but when children start getting deathly ill, "Hardback" must go to the Penguin for help. Meanwhile, a mysterious man named "Tubman" may hold the key to escaping from No Man's Land.

32 pages, $1.99, ships on Sept. 8.


Written by Steven Barnes; art by Paul Ryan and Andy Lanning; painted cover by Bill Sienkiewicz.

"Underground Railroad" concludes as Robin and Bock track down Tubman and the hidden railroad leading out of No Man's Land. It's a race against time to save the lives of Gotham's children. Unfortunately, Penguin's deathmatch fighter, Angel, and his militia motorcycle band want Bock dead at all costs.

32 pages, $1.99, ships on Sept. 15.


Written by Chuck Dixon; art and cover by Mat Broome and Sean Parsons.

"No Man's Land" nears a fever pitch as Two-Face, Penguin and Bane collide in Part 1 of the 2-part "Goin' Downtown." While Two-Face goes to war with the combined gang forces of the Demonz and the Eightballs, Penguin seeks out Batman's help to learn the truth behind the territory wars, and Bane makes a big return, clearing the way for a plan that may prevent the Dark Knight from discovering the means for saving Gotham.

32 pages, $1.99, ships on Sept. 22.


Written by Chuck Dixon; art and cover by Mat Broome and Sean Parsons.

In the streets of No Man's Land, Batman, Robin and the Penguin fight to save Two-Face in the conclusion to "Goin" Downtown." While Two-Face faces the wrath of various gangs, Bane's plan to destroy the future of Gotham City is realized in a shocking climax.

32 pages, $1.99, ships on Sept. 29.


Written by Bob Gale and Devin Grayson; art by Alex Maleev, Dale Eaglesham, Batt, Wayne Faucher, and various; cover by Maleev.

The first two explosive storylines following Gotham's fall -- stories that included the first glimpse of a new Batgirl -- are collected in a trade paperback. Reprinting the Batman: No Man's Land special, Batman: Shadow of the Bat #83-84, Batman #563-564, Detective Comics #730-731, and Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #116, No Man's Land Book 1 collects the story that introduced readers to the turf-war ruled former Gotham, "No Law and a New Order" (written by Bob Gale with art by Alex Maleev and Wayne Faucher) and the story illuminating the lives of other players in NML -- among them the Huntress and the Scarecrow -- "Fear of Faith" (written by Devin Grayson with art by Dale Eaglesham, Batt, Aaron Sowd, Sam Parsons, and Jaime Mendoza). The collection features a new cover by Maleev and a cover gallery that includes Alex Ross' cover for the Batman: No Man's Land - Standard and pieces by J. Scott Campbell, Bill Sienkiewicz, Tony Harris and more.

200 pages, $12.95, ships on Sept. 15.


Written by John Ostrander; art by Jim Balent and Marlo Alquiza; cover by Balent.

Catwoman works her way back into "No Man's Land" carrying a pair of incredibly valuable computer discs. Treachery and danger dog her every step, and in a land where chaos reigns and laws no longer apply, the chances of success are dismal. When Catwoman agrees to trade the discs to someone very deadly, she finds that she's more than met her match.

32 pages, $1.99, ships on Sept. 29.


Written by Chuck Dixon; art and cover by Scott McDaniel and Karl Story.

The pulse-pounding conclusion to Nightwing's first "No Man's Land" adventure. With Blackgate Prison flooding and dozens of murderous villains at his throat, Nightwing must complete the task of taking the penitentary back from Lock-Up and his trustees. Even if he succeeds, he may be of no more use to Batman after what he's suffered at the hands of Blackgate's worst.

32 pages, $1.99, ships on Sept. 8.


Written by Chuck Dixon; art by Gordon Purcell and Wayne Faucher; cover by Jason Pearson.

Robin must defend precious "No Man's Land" resources from the threat of Mr. Freeze. Exhausted after his battle with Ratcatcher, a weakened Robin joins forces with the subterranean clan of kids known as the Wolflings to take on Batman's most chilling foe. And if Robin fails, a high-school friend will pay the ultimate price.

32 pages, $1.99, ships on Sept. 22.

NML for October

Batman: No Man's Land Secret Files #1

Written by Chuck Dixon, Scott Peterson, Alisa Kwitney, and various; art by Sal Velluto, Craig Rousseau, Terry Beatty, Bob Almond, Michael Zulli, and various; cover by Alex Maleev

Visit Gotham the night before the bridges were blown to bits, as one lone Gothamite answers the desperate city's call to protect Gotham from becoming a "No Man's Land." Huntress and many of the major players in No Man's Land cross paths with our protagonist making the mission harder every step of the way. Included: schematics of the new Batcaves; and a "day in the life" segment focusing on the search for the missing Bruce Wayne (written by Chuck Dixon, with art by Sal Velluto and Bob Almond). Plus: "lost pages" revealing "No Man's Land: The Animated Series" (written by Scott Peterson, with art by Craig Rousseau and Terry Beatty); transcripts of the U.S. Senate debate that resulted in Gotham's "No Man's Land" status (written by Chuck Dixon); profile pages, and more.


Rumour had it that Top Cow are working on a deal with DC to do several intercompany crossover books. Plans had called for the bat characters to meet the top cow charcaters in four titles including; Batman/Darkness and Azrael/Ascention! Recently we have found out that while DC are doing the crossover there will only be two books, Batman/Darkness and JLA/Witchblade.


Azrael starts training with Batman again. Outside chance but I have little solid evidence. Okay after months of speculation, it seems this may happen

Azrael leaves Gotham for his own turf? I was close, he's not getting a city to defend, he's assigned to protect a senator. He's going to be interacting with the gotham crew a lot during NML. There's still a chance he may remain in dc.

Nick scratch is possessed by a demon, possibly one we know.... (maybe not the supernatural doesn't work so well in bat continuity)

Okay, the costume rumour I started actually came true, my crystal ball tells me it may resemble the Dark Knight's.

The last time JP wore a costume other than Azrael's he went nuts what will happen now?

Who are you?

Do you have any rumours or other Az related news?

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