Azrael Links

DC Official website has message boards and other activities, plus secret files cover down loads and preview art.
Azrael Talks My brothers birthday present to me this year. This is the greatest gift ever.
The Unofficial Azrael Home Page The original Azrael site includes an Azrael FAQ and a comprehensive set for extended synopses of Azrael stories.Will be shutting down soon.
The Darker Side Very nicely done, a prfossional looking site with good graphic touches. Contains quick run downs of characters.
Sword of Azrael Very graphical, contains large graphics of Azrael covers and images of interest. Otherwise most of the content has been lifted wholesale from The Unofficial Azrael Home Page.
Azrael's Celestial Temple

mirrored in :

Recently revamped now mirrored in a couple of places. much better designed more information.
Azrael: The Spirit of Vengeance Very little content nice colour scheme sparse use of graphics, not bad for such a small site.
Azrael: The Avenging Angel's Picture Archive RIP dead site
MuadDib's Action Figures & Cards Kevin's site with custom Overpower Cards and TWO custom Azrael figures (he got there before kenner...they should really be trying harder).

Batman Links

The Dark Knight A The mecca for bat fans, there is no better batman site than this. Expect to spend hours here on Gotham gossip and gotham news. Highly interactive
Waynetech Industires Comic based well designed lots of content has large profiles on the main characters and a message board. Never updated though.
Ra's al Ghul's Lazarus Pit Comic based Dead Content
Batman : Defender of Gotham Comic based Graphically well designed, monthly reviews of Batman comics, up to date news, varied features, aims to be a community nexus. This site also lists Azrael : Agent of the Bat as fav site !.
Collected issues of the Dark Knight Comic based Flashy, contains a database of issues and creators, graphic designs done well.
Dixonverse Chuck Dixon's official website Has a message board and many items of general interest.

Batman Related Links

Nightwing's Lair Nightwing Very good design, apparently the author got a message from Scott Mcdaniel himself
Black Canary & Oracle: Birds of Prey: Birds of Prey The first site devoted to the birds. Recently got it's overhaul and now seriously kicks ass. Very cool site, one of my favourites.

DC Universe Links

The Unofficial Green Lantern Corps Homepage Dedicated to the GL Corps. Most comprehensive GL site on the web
Young Justice: The Hangout! Dedicated to Young Justice in all it's, uh, glory. There's enough here to satisfy YJ readers and those with an interest in DC's young heros
Scott McCullar's Unofficial Green Arrow Compendium A completist GA site The premiere unofficial website dedicated to archiving the history of Green Arrow both Oliver Queen and his son Connor Hawke.

General Comic Book Links

Jonah Weiland's Comic Book Resources The comic site News columns such as Comic book wire and the numerous message bords make this a highly informative and useful site.
Alvaro's midtown message boards comic book message boards DC specific MB's include Birds of Prey, DC, Green Arrow, and Titans.
Detroit News Comicbook Continuum A comic site Daily News with columns and links

My Personal Links

Ian's Homepage A personal Homepage WTF? Ian just can't decide to stick with one Website. So far he has vowed this is the last one, It's not got much but hopefully we'll be seeing more content going up.
KCMG Investment LTD. A company that aims to make marketing easier. It markets a broad range of items, from computer parts to three phase motors to Promotional items. My dad's Company's homepage, it's HUGE.

The CBC Web-Mag: FREE Online Web Magazine for Comic Book Collectors & Readers!

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