Best of Azrael

With 50+ issues of a regular series, a mini, three annuals and a graphic novel there's enough Azrael material to begin seperating the wheat from the chaff, don't you think? Here are the ten best issues of the regular series and the three best other projects.
As an aside all twelve of the first years stories were truely excellent, but room has to be made for other comics. However, they are a great read and are reccomended to any comic reader.

In reverse order the ten best issues of Azrael are;
10.) Azreal #19 : Lilhy's in a bathing suit, plus cool story 'nuff said.
9.) Azreal #39 : The introspective ending, it's self realisation and cool narration made this one good.
8.) Azreal #1,000,000 : Denny does a hilarious self contained story with a moral.
7.) Azreal #26 : The destruction of the order, the aim of Azrael for two years.
6.) Azreal #34 : Touching and funny, odd for a superhero book don't you think.
5.) Azreal #33 : An epiphany brilliantly illustrates Azrael's dilemma.
4.) Azreal #3 : Beautifully illustrated and it's a good story.
3.) Azreal #11 : A story where the main cahracter is completly silent.
2.) Azreal #7 : How was Azrael created? It's in here along with a bit of fratricide.
1.) Azreal #1 : A wonderful insight into a shattered mind.

In reverse order the five best Azrael stories not published in the monthly are;
5.) Batman : Sword of Azreal #4 : Azrael saves Batman, doesn't happen often.
4.) Batman : Sword of Azreal #2 : Skillfully writen with an insight into Lehah's deranged mind.
3.) Azreal Annual #2 : Full of meaning highly entertaining and incredibly funny.
2.) Shadow of the Bat #24 : Thought Azbats was a heartless killer? This issue proves otherwise.
1.) Showcase '94 #10 : This very human story sets the stage for Azrael #1

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