This page will eventually contain Profiles on most of the people that Azrael has met and Datafiles on things like The Order of St. Dumas and The Clench. Characters that have been profiled have their status displayed beside them. Getting images for these profiles is a bit time consuming, and they will arrive gradually, pages without images for them will have a default image.

The Hero and his Allies
Azrael Active
Alfred Active
Batman Active
Brian Bryan Active
Dr. Harry Mckinn Missing, Presumed Dead
Glinda Inactive
Huntress Active
Nightwing Active
Nomoz Missing
Oracle Active
Robin (III) Active

The Shades of Grey
Hitman Active
Lilhy Active
Talia Active

The Villains
Bane Active
Biis Active
Bird Missing, Presumed Dead
Deathstroke Active
The False Azrael Active
The Grey Abbott Incarcerated
Hiram Nadir Inactive
Luc Lizardo Incarcerated
Nick Scratch Active
Otto Nadir Inactive
Ra's Al Ghul Active
Rollo Missing, Presumed Dead
Trogg Incarcerated
Zombie Incarcerated

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