May editorial

It's been a while hasn't it. I thought I'd have more time to work on the site while at university but In some ways I've felt a malaise regarding the title. It gets harder to review issues when you're not waiting for each issue with great anticipation. I've blown a couple of scoops because I'm just not jazzed enough about the site. I've had content hanging around on my harddisk for months now.

Since the last update I've done some interesting things. I went to the infamous Gorrilla promo in colchester, met Barry Kitson and got a sketch and some signitures. I also went to the Comics 2000 festival, I attended a couple of panels, the most important being DC's publishing plans for the next year. and I got my two Dougie Brathwaite issues signed. I also met with Mike Carlin and Mark Chiarrelo. Had an interesting discussion regarding trade dress and cover composition, I've started working on a write up to that. I'm hoping I'll remember enough to fill out the notes I took. And I'd rrally like to put up the contents of my chat with Barry Kitson.

Both events were really great fun, The chance to see so many pros and meet lots of comic fans was too good to miss, in many ways it's solidiied an idea I had to use the Students Union to get a university Comics anthology publihedsomething I believe might have campus wide appeal.

There should be An Azrael Fan fic/art archive starting up soon, I don't really know details but I'll ask the party that enquied about it.

On the upside, I have a nice understanding of the basics of C++, and University has been great fun.

I'm heading back to Hong Kong for summer. and I'll still be available then. I wonder what sort of crazyness it is to go to the tropics in summer and spend the winters in the UK?

Here's some listening reccomendations.

Varacocha : Cate Balche

Tilt : Invisible

Planet Perfecto : Not over yet , of even Better, "Bullet in the Gun", which has azrael applicable lyrics. It's this month Az track

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