Agent of the Bat : Site History

Site is just about finished so I'll put up a review each month and try to find pictures for profiles but other than that there shouldn't be any major changes and I'm hoping to keep updating this concurrently.

This site began life on the 22nd april 1998 and this page details the large and small improvements this site has had (and there are quite a few).

The story so far...

22/04/1998 : Site goes up background and format chosen

23/04/1998 : Added text, wow! (mock surprise)

24/04/1998 : Added apologies and site History

28/04/1998 : Added more links in table

29/04/1998 : Added Az related Graphic (,yeah just one)

30/04/1998 : Began work on Coming Soon and Azrael and Batman profiles

01/05/1998 : Finished Coming Soon

04/05/1998 : Added Brian, Batman and Lilhy profiles

05/05/1998 : Finished Nomoz' profiles

06/05/1998 : Finished Bane profile lot's of tiding up done

07/05/1998 : More tidying up colour scheme fixed

08/05/1998 : Even more tidying up, changes implemented, site goes to V.2.

22/05/1998 : Been updating everything but this list, reviews now go back to just after Angel at war.

27/05/1998 : Lots more images added to reviews, history moves to it's own page.

28/05/1998 : Index and history updated, capital letters fixed, general polishing done.

01/06/1998 : Index revamped, more graphic now, and this site now has a guest book.

02/06/1998 : New images on server, two new profiles, two new sections started and more news in Coming Soon and a bulletin board!

04/06/1998 : New images on server, Robin (III)profile up, story so far completed and No Man's Land news in Coming Soon

10/06/1998 : A lot of new stuff is on the server but isn't linked to.

11/06/1998 : Profiles index has been revamped and a lot of new pages are available.

19/06/1998 : Index page has been updated as have all the Reviews, Sword of Azrael is in there now. Old message board sucked and has been replaced.

24/06/1998 : Lot's of new images for profiles and reviews, there's an itroduction to Azrael now.

25/06/1998 : This site recieves it's hundredth visitor, me. I thank every one who's been he so far, every one in the guest book and Dennis Khoo for using the message board.

26/06/1998 : General catching up done, I shall very soon have the next Azrael solicitation.

02/07/1998 : Sites been updated but updates are too varied to list here.

05/07/1998 : AAAAAARRRRGHHHH during my carefully planned revamp I accidentally wrote over the index page. Lucky me I had a backup but it was rather old. This gave me the chance to rework it.

15/07/1998 : The decorator struck so my computer goes offline for ten days now every thing is back up. I participate on the web boards but I can't update my site, The Az editorial goes up. Stuff happens.

16/07/1998 : News section updated so there now is a picture of the Azrael action figure.

18/07/1998 : The remaining pages have been updated, thank god that's done with.

19/07/1998 : Very cool news in the news section

20/07/1998 : Reviews for #13 through #16 up only 7 to go + three annuals and two specials

12/08/1998 : Site Renamed, Second site overhaul, meta tags and page footers.

16/08/1998 : Review of Azrael #46 added Robin profile amended, Casting call, Coming soon page updated.

18/08/1998 : brian, luc, lilhy profiles, story so far, rants updated Azrael Annual's 1,2 and three updated, and best of Azrael updated.

24/08/1998 : Frames section added. Site goes to V.4

04/09/1998 : New Azrael Editorial added

12/09/1998 : Az1,000,000 rant added coming soon updated, casting call updated

26/09/1998 : Casting Call updated, coming soon updated, site now has Az-Traks, the Azrael Soundtrack.

11/10/1998 : Casting Call updated, coming soon updated, main page rewritten az#47 added to reviews

20/10/1998 : gallery, index, main pages, hitman profile, coming soon and last updated date updated.

15/11/1998 : editorial, main pages, links update az#48 added to reviews

27/11/1998 : Gallery sorted out, various updated pages lying around uploaded

05/12/1998 : many small changes, spelling and links made consistent, menu buttons redone.

13/12/1998 : Story so far, coming soon, Lilhy, Brian, Nightwing, Huntress, Harry Mckinn bios updated, Nick Scratch bio created rants updated, Az #49 added Awards section added

14/01/1999 : Lots of Small updates done preceeding, Spelling revised, Main pages updated, new Editorial, Az#50 rant added, Site now on Tripod

16/02/1999 : Rant for Arael #51 done. some images added to rants. Solicits for may added for NML and Azrael.

09/04/1999 : main page revamped, links added coming soon updated with june solicits, casting call closed, content remains up. Cover previews and varients updated, overpower fixed.

23/04/1999 : Rant for Arael #52 and #53 done and solicits for June and July added for NML and Azrael plus action figure news. New Image Map done, cover previews for #54, #55, #56 and #57 are up in the redesigned Gallery. New Editorial, Casting call closed. Main Pages revised.

07/06/1999 : Rant for Arael #23 and #54 done and solicits for august added for NML. New Editorial, story so far revised, new links added. HyperTime and Interviews sections added, Denny O'Neil interview added. Main Pages revised.

30/06/1999 : Rants expanded with others section. Azrael #55 and Chronos #10 added, cover for Azrael #58 in previews section Azrael Annual #3 picture fixed, new scan of gold logo cover of Sword of Azrael TPB, banners updated, Best of azrael updated, september solicits posted in coming soon. errors in creators section fixed.

07/09/1999 : Rants for Az#56 and #57 are up, #55 and #54 revised, covers for #59 and #60 are up, solicitations for october and november are up, the unpublished July editorial is up, new pic and layout in other pictures section.

19/01/2000 : Rants for Az#59 and #60 are up, nomoz profile revised, covers for #61 and #62 are up, solicitations for jan feb and march are up, interviews page revised, gordie profile page revised, links revised.

25/5/2000 : rants on isues 61 and 62 and annual #1 are up, bane profile revisedcovers to 69 are up, solicits to 69 are up, may editorial done.

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Last updated 25/05/1999
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Characters depicted here are copyright DC Comics. Azrael was created by Dennis O'Neil and Joe Quesada. Batman was created by Bob Kane. Azrael is DC Comics, and is used without Criminal intent or comercial interest.