The Dark Knight Detective

Image of Batman
REAL NAME : Bruce Wayne
OCCUPATION : Indusrialist Philanthropist
HEIGHT : 6' 2"
WEIGHT : 210 lbs.
EYES : Blue
HAIR : Black
FIRST APPEARANCE : Detecive Comics #28 (May, 1939

Travelling home from a rare night at the movies (The Mask of Zorro) with his parents, young Bruce Wayne watched his parents get gunned down in front of him, first his Father, then his Mother.Bruce Wayne was affected by this more then he admits, but does realise that he can't let himself get too obsessed as the Batman.

Bruce Wayne found a loop hole in the child protection services laws and managed to stay out of an orphanage. After completing school he spent the next few years moving from one place to the next, taking part in courses and never completing one. After finally finishing his "training" Bruce returned to the USA where he becasme an FBI agent. After about two weeks he left dissatisfied with what he was doing to prevent tragedies like his. He returned to Gotham to find a way to fix the worl he lived in.Having decided that he would have to operate outside the law as a vigilante he soon realized the need to put fear into the hearts of the cowardly and supersticious criminals, he donned the image of a bat when inspiration crashed through his window.

One of his greatest principles is that he will never kill (unless to save his life or to save an inoccent when there is no other way). He will also never use a gun. He belives that life is sacred and he would gladly give his life to save someone else's life. This is why he brings criminals to justice rather then kill them.

Ten years of dedication Batman put into his carear. During this time he has had three distinctly different Robins, (Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake). Soon after taking on his third Robin, Batman was beaten, and his back broken, by Bane. Having also taken on former assassin for the Order of Saint Dumas, Azreal, he chose him to take his place as Batman, and at first had all intentions to take back the cape and cowl. However after having his back healed, and having Alfred leave him, Bruce was going to give up being Batman, as he didn't know what was happening in Gotham. Eventually taking on Az-Bats when Tim Drake told him of the situation, he defeated Az-bats by outwiting him and he took back The Mantle.

He then left again to have a good look at his life, this time the first Robin, Dick Grason took his place as Batman. Bruce did return and took back The Mantle with a new darker look, including a fully black costume (except for the belt and insignia) and leg fins. This ushered in a new darker Batman. Since then he has lost his city to an earthquake. Despite this he is still going to save lives, and may even give up being Bruce Wayne to ensure that no one dies that does not have to. It was during one such rescue mission that Bruce Wayne told his third Robin, Tim Drake that he expects him to take up the Mantle of the Bat, when he retires.

The Batman's relationship with Azrael is best described as "The stearn, disaproving farther". There may always be a bad chemestry between them. Azreal feels the disaproval as a very brainy son would feel from a very athletic farther.


Batman's weapon of choice are his customized boomerangs or "Batarangs" they have razor sharp edges for cutting and scaling shear surfaces and blunt edges for use as a blugeoning weapon generally Batman uses his Batarangs as throwing weapons to knock out his opponents. Batmans other main offensive weapon is his cape which has weighted tips.
Batman's current costume is derived from his Troika costume which was all black and added leg fins, the new version has electrically resistant fabric, is fire resistant and bullet proof, the colour scheme is black and grey, and no longer has leg fins.
Batman's utility belt contains Batarangs, decel jump lines, grapnels, a short term rebreather, forensic tools, gas and smoke capsules, stun grenades, flash capsules, as well as a one time high voltage electric shock device. The Cowl contains several magnification lenses as well as Starlight and infra red lenses as well as the headset for secure communications
Batman has access to a great deal of high tech equipment curtesy of Wayne Tech. The most recent addition to his arsenal is the new Batmobile, and the Subway Rocket built during Jean-Pauls time as Batman. The Bat-Humvee and the first Batmobile have both been destroyed in the Earthquake. The Batcave is equipped with the best crimelab money could buy, athletic equipment, and a bank of cray super computers that hold a massive criminal database and is accessable from the new Batmobile.

Batman has no powers, he has a powerful will and has made himself into the epitome of human perfection. He has mastered more fighting styles than most people alive including Akido, jut-nee-do and boxing and melded them into a style that is all his own, only Lady Shiva may have more martial arts knowledge than Batman. Batman learned boxing from former Golden Age hero and heavy weight champion Ted Grant A.K.A. Wildcat and other skills from men who were similarly experts in their fields.
Batman is a master detective, probably the best in the world with an IQ of over 200 and with great knowledge in key fields of interest such as ballistics, criminal pshycology, chemistry, toxicology and various forensic sciences. Batman is fluent in half a dozen languages and has studied many more. While having great concentrations of knowledge in areas important to Batman's existance he also has a wide field of general knowledge but does not funtion well as Bruce Wayne with out Alfreds help.
Batman is nearly undefeatable by all but the most powerful of metahumans and has been known to take down foes with powers in the Superman range, such as the pale martians who possessed near invulnerability, heat, and x-ray vision, super hearing, invisibility, shape changing powers, super speed, super strength and telepathy. In a matter of hours Batman defeated four of those who had previously incapacitated the rest of the Justice League. Batman always has a plan and uses every resource available to him.


Batman is just a man and can make mistakes, such as when he ran himself ragged and set himself up as easy prey for Bane. Batman will always choose saving a life over aprehending a criminal and so a cunning foe will set up such a situation to allow himself to escape.

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