Image of Azrael
REAL NAME : "Birdy" Collisimo
OCCUPATION : None, possibly deceased
HEIGHT : Unknown
WEIGHT : Unknown
EYES : Blue
HAIR : Blond

Bird was betrayed by a man Named Jimmy "No Nose" Kovaks and sent to a Santa Prisca jail where he met Bane. After breaking out he sought revenge on Kovaks and fought Batman. Jean-Paul Valley, as Batman captured and then released him so that he would lead him to Bane. Bird wa recapturd and spent tim in jail.

Bane in need of someone to assist him broke Bird out of lockup and took him to Florida where he would help Bane create a new version of Venom. When Azrael intervened Bird was injected with Venom in an attempt to stop the angel of vengance but was instead beaten. Bird was last seen on Bane's boat going through withdrawl before it crashed.


Bird used to have a falcon than would cause injury to his enemies but with out it he is still capable of using firearms.


An adept falconer Bird would use this skill to attack his enemies and he was self described as a "fairly good jailhouse lawyer". Bird is also a fairly good hand to hand combatant, having once bested Tim Drake the third Robin.


Bird is not excessively strong merely athletic and it is unlikely that Bird would last long in a direct confrontation with one of Gothams vigilantes. Since being hooked on Venom it is Likely Bird also harbours a psychological weakness to the drug.

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