Image of The False Azrael
REAL NAME : Unknown
MARITAL STATUS: Unknown, Presumed Single
HEIGHT : Unknown
WEIGHT : Unknown
EYES : Unknown
HAIR : Unknown
FIRST APPEARANCE : Azrael #1 (Februry, 1995)

The false Azrael is a cipher, no one has seen his face, very little is known about his past except that he was not a member of The Order before becoming Azrael. It has also been discerned that he was a professional fighter participating in death sport tounements.

Determined to prove his worthiness as the new Azrael it was he who made Rollo privvy to Lilhy's treachery and was laying in wait when Jean-Paul Vally visited Rollo's chambers. In the brief battle that ensued it was the false Azrael who plummeted from the bridge between the spires of the Ice Cathedral

The false Azrael reappeared at a boxing match in Gotham wearing a replica of the Batman armour created by Jean-Paul. Claiming to be Batman he challenged all comers to combat but was defeated by the real Batman when he showed up, he hasn't been seen since.


When he first appeared he used a flaming sword, but since then he has aquired a facsimile of the Azrael-Batman costume.


Even before he was subjected to The System he was a lethal combatant having been in twenty-two fights to the death and having come out of every one as the victor. Scince his deal with Neron it is possible he has aquired extra abilities but none have been displayed


The false Azrael is over confidant and not much more than an unskilled thug. He meets any challenge with a brute force response and his fighting technique has no finesse

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