Image of Huntress
REAL NAME : Helena Bertinelli
OCCUPATION : High-School Teacher
HEIGHT : 5' 9"
WEIGHT : 120 lbs.
EYES : Blue
HAIR : Black
FIRST APPEARANCE : The Huntress #1

The last member of her family. Helena was kidnapped when she was a young girl then forced to watch the execution of her mafia family. The fact that she has lost so much is why she has such a ruthless attitude towards crime, and criminals. Her eye for and eye philosophy is not something that the Batman looks well upon. This is the sole reason he has placed her in the new JLA roster, Batman wants to show Huntress what a hero is and how she should act.

Batman has a large influence in how she works, but not as much as Azreal, Nightwing, and Robin. She feels she is the Black sheep of the Bat family. She does want to be welcomed into the group, but her ruthless belief in fighting crime is something that she will not give up too easily.


Huntress' primary weapon is her wrist fitted bolt gun, powered by compressed Carbon Dioxide. She also uses a crossbow. completmenting her long range weapons are shurikens and custom batarangs. She uses various bladed weapons such as knives but nothing that can't be thrown.

While not having quite the financial resources of the Batman Helena has a considerable fortune left by her family and drives in style, a Lambourghini to be precise. Other equipment at her disposal is a Justice League transporter for transit to the moon.


Huntress has spent most of her life training for her war against crime and has aquired a great deal of martial arts skills. Aside from her marksmanship Huntress has displayed few other skills.

The Huntress honed her fighting skills rather than her detective ones, instead using old family connections, and as such is very reliant on informants.


Over dependace on stoolies and informants can mean information dries up to a trickle when hunting big game. Huntress' need for approval from Batman can be also used against her. Anyone in a fight with her is suggested to hold nothing back, a fight with the Huntress is no holds barred.

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