Image of Nick Scratch
REAL NAME : Nicholas Scratch
OCCUPATION : Rock Star, Chat Show Host, Cult Leader, Ex-Astronomer
HEIGHT : Unknown
WEIGHT : Unknown
EYES : Blue
HAIR : Brown
FIRST APPEARANCE : Azrael #47 (December, 1998)
Nick Scrath is possibly the biggest celebrity in the world, in stark contrast to his beginings as a no-life astronomer PHd. Teachers pet and social disater, Scratch was alone at the observatory when he was struck by a bolt of blue lightning. Over the next few months Scratch changed physically, taller thinner, better looking, he mastered conversation and became a magnetic personality. He ran a top rated Chat show for a season before tiring of it and focusing on his band which had three hit records in a row. Additionally he formed his own religion, already with millions of followers. Now it would seem that he has tired of that and has turned his attentions to ensuring Gotham is turned into hell on earth.
So far Scratch has displayed a talent for manipulation and machievallian plots, killing Senator Halivan and framing Azrael for his murder. A scheme that in his mind was unsuccessful in dealing with Azrael because Azrael believed in his own innocence and hance hounded him all the way to Gotham. To remedy this he wentt through the same process again and tried to convince Azrael that he was a killer.
It seems from a study of Nick Scratche's associates and behavior that he is possibly possessed by a demon, whose identity is a mystery it may even be Satan himself. He claims to be controlled by starbeings . but that may be a misinterpretation on his part.
Anything that comes to hand, he killed Senator Halivan barehanded, but originally planned to use a knife. He has a preferance for strangling his vicims .
Up till now Sctratch has not displayed metahuman abilities, but he has displayed great persuasive powers and charisma. He's a modern day rennaisance man, and has met with great success in many fields. His intelligence should not be underestimated, he thinks two moves ahead.

None have been observed, but if he is a Demon on the mortal plane he may be vulnerable to excorcism.

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