Image of Oracle
REAL NAME : Barbra Gordon
OCCUPATION : Information Broker; Libray Administrator, Gotham City Public Libray
HEIGHT : 5' 11"
WEIGHT : 126 lbs.
EYES : Blue
HAIR : Red
FIRST APPEARANCE : (As Batgirl) Detective Comics #359 (January, 1967)

Oracle first started her career as Batgirl. A fact not known to her adopted Father Commissioner James Gordon. Her career lasted about 2 years. Upon giving up her title as Batgirl Barbara was shot at point blank range by the Joker. Paralyzed from the waist down Barbara became wheelchair bound. Not allowing herself pity, Barbara has found that she can be quite spiteful towards anyone who thinks that she is unable to look after herself. Using cutting edge computer technology Barbara Gordon first helped the "Suicide Spuad", then set up her own operations helping metahuman groups or individuals to help anyone anywhere that is in peril. This has teamed her with Black Canary many a time. Other agents she has worked with include Azreal, Batman, Nightwing, Robin and the JLA of which she is a member.

Barbara has a distinct relationship with men. Despite her paralysis she has flirted with both Dick Grayson, and Jean-Paul Valley. She has no intention as yet to start any relationships, after the fall through of her last relationship.


Oracle has a great deal of computer equipment including the most advanced Waynetech, Lexcorp, and cray technology. This is financed by funds stolen from criminals and grants from the Justice League, of which she is a member.

Oracle carries a colapseable CIA-style baton on her wheel chair and also uses escrima sticks when expecting trouble.


Oracle has retained her martial atrs training and is skilled in the use of a collapseable CIA-style baton and escrima sticks. Oracle is very capable of defending herself against most attackers but usually relies on her seclusion for defense.

Oracle can get a hold of most information in fractions of a second and is a key resource for vigilates only allowing those she trusts access to her contct numbers.


Oracle has lost the use of her legs and this slows her down, without her wheelchair she is nearly imobile and certainly vulnerable to enemies. Oracles upper body strength has improved to cope with the wheelchair, but isn't enough to cope with a moderately skilled opponent. Oracle's main weakness is her hyperdefensiveness over her disability.

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