The Boy Wonder

Image of Robin III
REAL NAME : Tim Drake
OCCUPATION : Student, Gotham Hights High
HEIGHT : 5'1"
WEIGHT : 115 lbs
EYES : Blue
HAIR : Black
FIRST APPEARANCE : As Tim Drake Batman #436, Aug 1989
FIRST APPEARANCE : As Robin 3 Batman #457, Dec 1990
Tim Drake is the third person to fight crime at the Batman's side under the guise of Robin, after Dick Grayson and Jason Todd, and even though Tim has no intention to continue being a hero when he grows up, as far as Batman is concerned Tim is the best suited Robin to become Batman. Tim Drake's reason for becoming Robin is slightly different from the reason the previous Robins became Robin. As he revealed to Nightwing, Tim only became the hero Robin because he wanted to become Batmans partner. Despite this Batman, Alfred, Nightwing, and any other DC hero will agree Tim drake is just as gifted and devoted as anyone else wearing spandex. Tim lost his mother, but managed to hold onto his father, this has helped him to become less grim, and kept him aware of the "real" world and it's relevence to him. He has grown to dislike the lying and deciet that has become a neccesary part of his life.


Robin carries a collapsable bo staff which doubles as a blow dart gun. Robin's R symbol has multiple uses, as a bladed weapon, as a grappling hook, and as an anchor. Robin has a utility belt that contains various gas capsules to do everything from obscure vision to induce vomiting and unconciousness. The belt contains a remote contol for the Red Bird and various other devices for comunication. Robins mask has lenses to give him night vision.

The Red Bird is a small car that allows robin to get about, it has two modes of operation - as a nondescript two seater and as a small fast tecnological marvel. While not having the speed, armour or resources of the Batmobile the Red Bird suits Robin's needs with an uplink to Oracle and the Batcave computers.


Robin has aquired a fair amount of detective and martial arts skill from the greatest detective in the world and the most dangerous person in the world, Lady Shiva. He is felt to be more qualified than previous Robins because of his emphasis on detective skills and his computer know how.


Robin's not excessively strong merely athletic, despite this Robin does have the ability to take on and defeat many of Gothams criminals including King Snake, and Lady Shiva. Unfortunatly Tim isn't always sure about the decions he makes and Robin sometimes second guesses his decisions, occaisionally leading to indecision.

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