Image of Azrael
OCCUPATION : Deceased, Leader of the Order of St.Dumas
BASE OF OPERATIONS : Die Eiskathedral (The Ice Cathedral)
HEIGHT : Unknown
WEIGHT : Unknown
EYES : Green
HAIR : None
FIRST APPEARANCE : Azrael #1 (Februry, 1995)

Rollo is ruthless, powerful and megalomaniacal. He posseses a creul intelligence and will not hesitate to order men to their deaths. It's possible he was senile in the years before his death, although it's difficult to be sure with his cunning and devious personality. Rollo thinks nothing of violating the Dogma of the Order and will stop at nothing to make sure he gets his way, even going so far as to unleash a universal solvent that would cleanse the Earth of life.

Rollo believed his will to be superior to that of St. Dumas, this and other personality traits led Sister Lilhy to enfrachise the support of Azrael to sacrifice him for the good of the Order. With Lilhy's banishmet Rollo proceeded to persue a vendetta against her and Azrael. This vendettta was contrary to the wishes of St. Dumas and this blaspheme was enough to ensure that Nomoz would seek out Azrael to destroy Rollo. Rollo would have met his end being torn to pieces by the Dwarflings had not Azrael intervened. As it is Rollo was last seen in the Ice Cathedral as it collapsed about him, his fate is unknown but he is presumed dead.


While not haveing any Weapons of his own Rollo uses the Orders Technology and weapons as extensions of himself, the Azraels being his most obvious Weapons.


Rollo was old and weak but powerful nonetheless with countless fanatical followers to do his bidding. Other than his ruthlessness he had no skills or abilities


Rollo was old and frail with an over dependance on the Acolytes for support. Seperated from his followers he was easy prey.

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