Image of Azrael
OCCUPATION : Leader in Ra's al Ghul's secret society
HEIGHT : Unknown
WEIGHT : Unknown
EYES : Brown
HAIR : Brown
FIRST APPEARANCE : Detective Comics #411

Talia has only one real love in her life, Batman. She was introduced to him in her fathers effort to find her a suitable mate. She is a strong and independant woman but unwaveringly loyal to her fathers wishes. She would do her best to ensure an outcome that fit her desires but would not make a blatant attempt to defy her father.

Ra's most recent attempt to find a husband for Talia has resulted in two further candidates Azrael and Bane. Bane did not meet Talia's approval, an unsubtle brute he lacked any of the magnatism that attracted Talia to Batman. She was attracted to Azrael but Azrael's animal DNA prevented the slightest chance of his becoming Ra's al Ghul's heir. If there is one thing that can be said about Talia it is that she is constantly torn between her love for Batman and her loyalty to her father.


Depending on circumstances Talia may or may not be armed and her choice of weapons varies with suitability to the task. She is skilled with most weapons and an expert manipulator.


Talia is skilled in many forms of combat, including martial arts and ballistic weapons. Talia can speak almost as many languages as her father and is skilled as a master of deception.


Her loyalty to her father is undying but she does have a sensitive side and will allow adversaries of her father to whom she is sympathetic escape, attempt to place her father in danger and she will respond with the deadliest of force.

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