Image of Brian
REAL NAME : Brian Bryan
OCCUPATION : Ex-Psychiatrist, Jean-Pauls mentor
HEIGHT : Unknown
WEIGHT : Unknown
EYES : Green
HAIR : Brown
FIRST APPEARANCE : Azreal #1 (February, 1995)
Once the self proclaimed "worst psychiatrist to ever practice the healing arts," the former alcoholic Brian Bryan has found a calling worth starving off his vice; guiding the troubled and very naive Jean Paul Valley towards an understanding of himself and peace with his damaged psyche.
When Brian and Jean Paul first met they were both lost souls, homeless vagrants, Jean Paul lost in his insanity and Brian in his drinking. They began their Odyssey together when the homeless shelter they were staying at burned down and Batman made an attempt to restore Jean Paul's past to him. It was during this quest that Brian suffered nearly fatal injuries and was recessutated by Ra's al-Ghul in the Lazarus pit. When he awoke he was no longer physically dependant on alcohol but still had a psychological alcohol addiction and decided to overcome it.
Recently Brian hasn't been in close contact with Jean-Paul but has stayed with Lilhy in Mexico, he was writing to Jean-Paul and recently told him that Luc was back in town. After Luc was driven off he chose to stay with Jean-Paul when Lilhy revealed she revealed that she was rebuilding the Order.
Brian is a trained psychaitrist but doubts his skills as a healer, he has been of unparalleled help to Azrael in providing friendship and advice. It is Brian who with his self-depreciating and often bitingly satirical wit has managed to keep Jean Paul Valley sane.

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