The Really Late March Editorial

Okay to start off I realise that march's Editorial is actually appearing in april so it isn't even going to be up for a month I had a couple of good reasons though, a crushing work schedual and a crashed computer I couldn't fix due to that schedual. Anyway this months editorial is about...Next month's editorial? following March's editorial I'll be doing them monthly, at least untill may when I do the 60'th anniversary of Batman column, Interestingly enough Batman, Denny O'neil and I all share the same birth day, Denny and I were both born May 3, and 'Tec #27 was cover dated May. The reason behind the monthly editorials of course is that April 22 marks the first birthday of the site. As such I shall be doing an editorial, and hopefully updating most of the site. This should include the Casting call section, which I want to Axe because it is a lot of hassel. I'll stop any submissions and try to get the pictures for the profiles, If you find any that are suitable, send tham to me at Az_You_Like_It Don't hold your breath waiting for an update of the whole site, I'm still waiting on content before I can go through with it and upload the new image map for the frames section. I am hoping to come up with a new image map that will be active in the interim it should be cool if my technical talent matches my vision, of course I may screw it up and nothing will come of it but...

I have wanted to discuss the design of the site for a while now. I had originally intended to go with a colour scheme that reflected the original quesada costume, Red and gold. That pairing did not work out, so I decided to go with a high contrast background text combination. I chose a black bacground since I wasn't too thrilled about using either yellow or red as text on a white background. A test group decide that red was too difficult to read and so by default I wound up using yellow, after the site had been around long enough to make the change a difficult one. The current frames scheme was set up at about the same time but went unimplemented for months. I again wanted high contrast colours, light and dark but wanted them differant from the main pages. And the colour scheme I use today was the first one I came up with. On the whole, I'd say that The colour scheme is evocative of the Robinson Pascoe run in general, wouldn't you say?

Why'd I decide to lay out the frames in two coumns? Well, three rows would have been space efficiant, but ultimately this site would probably outgrow them, and there were certain things I wanted to keep in the column that I couldn't place in two thin strips, although when I do revamp the site it's an idea I'll consider. I tried to maximise accessability to the various areas of the site by placing links at the botttom of every page, I intend to improve that at some point by creating a standard page header that links straight to the index.

That's about all I want to say about the design of the site for now, But I've got other things to talk about. The June solicits for LOTDK mention Azrael by name and it seems the oracle arc is major by the standards that Arael's NML stories have set, it takes up two issues! I'm kinda chuffed cause this is the first time in years that a Bat-Title has mentioned Azrael by name in it's solicitations. I've also talked with Chuck Dixon about Azrael, and get this, Azrael has at least two fan's In the Bat office (chuck used the term LOVE in capital letters) apparently Denny and Chuck often talk about the character. Oh and did anyone else give # 52 a 9.5 - 10.0 or was it just me?

Gordon Hope-Murray some time in March 1999 previous columns

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