Image of Bane
REAL NAME : Unknown
OCCUPATION : Criminal Menace
HEIGHT : Unknown
WEIGHT : Unknown
EYES : Brown
HAIR : Brown
FIRST APPEARANCE : Vengance of Bane #1
Born on the island Santa Prisca to a life sentance for the crimes of his father in the failed revolution. Bane was a child without a name who lived his life in a hellish playground where death was omnipresent and his closest freinds were murderers. Sentenced to the cavidad obscuro, a tiny cell under the waterlevel, and welded in he grew to manhood Bane expanded his mind with meditation techniques and his imagination flouished.

Bane embarressed the prison commandant by refusing to die. The commantdant felt he could remedy that by releasing Bane into the general population where there was a large number of merderous prisoners. This strategy backfired Bane became a symbol of rebellion. He smuggled in books, learned to read in several languages, became a physical and mental paragon. However Bane was restless because of his imprisonment and that restlessness spent itself as rage. While the commandant was happy to see the prisoners kill each other, when Bane's body count reached thirty the only way he could control him was to subject him to a secret military program that used drugs to boost a soldiers strength, all the other subjects died.
Bane used the project to escape and free his friends Bird, Zombie and Trogg. Seeking out the "Batman" he had heard so much about from Bird while in prison, Bane succeded where few other villains had before and broke the Batman. However Bane only broke Batman's back, not his spirit, and Wayne sought out a replacement. Jean Paul Valley was chosen beacause Wayne felt he had the drive to be Batman. As Batman Jean Paul Valley beat Bane soundly putting him in a coma. When Bruce Wayne returned as Batman Bane awakened and sought out his origins eventually siding with Ra's al Ghul in the hopes of releasing a lethal strain of Ebola Gulf A. Again Bane was defeated this time by Bruce Wayne. In his most recent attempt to gain power by powering an army with Venom. He almost succeded by addicting Azrael but Azrael eventually shook off the addiction and stopped Bane. Bane almost escaped when the 'quake hit but was subdued within the hour.

Bane made his way back into the No Man's Land Gotham had become at the reques of a secretive employer who was revealed to be Lex Luthor planning to execute the biggest case of land fraud ever seen, and in exchange for his help, gave Bane the tools needed to execute a take over of Santa Prisca. It is assumed Bane has siezed control of the nation.

Bane used to use a Venom feed but since giving up Venom no longer uses it. Bane does not often use weapons preferring to kill with his bare hands. In No Mans Land Bane had access to a great cache of weaponry left in secret by an employer he did not know. He employed that equipment well and was one of the most well armed factors in No Mans Land.
Bane has a naturally high intelligence and keen analytical mind, when using Venom his mental strength was also increased. He speaks Farsi, Urdu, French, Latin and a whole host of other languages. He can also eidetically memorise texts.
Bane is incredibly strong and lethal, but lacks the training in martial arts that his foes have.

Bane used to have a dependance on Venom and this can still be exploited. Bane also has a need to prove himself better than his foes, so his constant need to prove something can often be used to a foe's advantage.

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